Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dollhouse Miniature Butterfly Fondant Cakes

How I wish I had not looked out of the window this morning, I did and noticed the drain was over flowing so, I went to investigate. I poked around removing leaves with a handy stick nothing. Next I armed myself with some rubber gloves, the water was grey with bits of putrid food floating in it, not deterred I started splashing water out of the drain. Then I felt brave and reached down into the drain, lovely I started removing gunk. But the water was not flowing freely so I tentatively reached down at which point the smelly, filthy water squelched over the top of my rubber glove. I had reached the main blockage, I continued to remove fat, leaves etc while the foul water continued to squelch inside my glove. Job done I threw the gloves away and scrubbed my arm repeatedly. I am convinced I can still smell that awful stink. However the drain is cleared and I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Onto the nicer things in my day I made more beautiful delicate fondant butterfly cakes.

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