Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Light Lunch

Today I am feeling a little flat as usually, I would be on my way to the Glastonbury Music Festival in our 1976 VW Camper. However for this festival you had to purchase your tickets in October 2008 and unfortunately we did not know whether our son would still be taking his exams or if we would be free to go. As it happens we are free to go and our son has finished his exams. So tomorrow I am tempted to flood the garden with a hose pipe, put my wellies on, sit in a deckchair and listen to the festival on the radio. Even more sickening - it looks like the weather is going to be fabulous for all those lucky festival goers. I am not jealous honest....

Well, I will just have to be content with a light lunch in the flooded garden! A mushroom and pepper quiche with a salad, a glass of wine and some olive oil drizzled over the salad.


  1. A quiche is not that 'light' :D but it's good lunch!

  2. Hello!
    So nicelunch!

  3. Thank you anything with salad is a light lunch to me lol.