Friday, 10 July 2009

Domestic Goddess - I Think Not

My turn to cook so, I decided to cook a chilli. First forgot to buy tinned tomatoes and red kidney beans. Tinned I hear you say! Believe me its safest for all concerned those beans can kill. Had to hot foot it across the street and barter with my very understanding mother. Then we had no chilli powder I used cayenne pepper instead but, not enough. I had to drain the rice and dropped half of it in the sink. So finally we had tasteless chilli with half the amount of rice intended. However, the disaster does not end there about an hour later my poor underfed partner (who cooks most of the time) shouted out that I had left the leftover rice cooking and now it was burnt to the pan. Well I just closed the door of my inner sanctum where the horrors of real cooking cannot reach me.

On a happier note here is something that I can make.

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