Friday, 25 September 2009

Mini Time

Another working week done now, I have 3 glorious days to make minis until my hearts content. Then its only 4 weeks until half-term, the real reason I work in a school. Only a few more Halloween specials and then I can concentrate on Christmas. This is what I have been up to so far.


  1. Wonderful, I love the gingerbread-skeletons LOL

  2. Wow how neat I'm also trying my hand at making some miniatures for Halloween! You've inspired me! Where did you get your jar with that awesome lid? I've been looking for jars but can't find any around here in the Bay Area. Thanks in advance.

  3. Thank you
    Hi Sara I am in the UK I got the jars from a place called Platts mini packages. If you put that in google their website should come up.

  4. these are so clever!! I love the jar of ghost cookies--and I really really love the skeleton gingerbread men!

    What a cool treat.

    Julie Old Crow