Sunday, 6 December 2009

Christmas in Real Size

Today I decided to put my tree up. First we had to go and buy it which is always the hardest part, trying to find a tree that is not too big. For many years we have had to cut bits of the trees off as they have been so bushy we couldn't see the tv properly. In the shop the trees look perfect its only when you get them home and remove the netting you realize you have a monster. This year we have the perfect tree its only taken us twenty odd years.
The cat was very interested in the tree she came into the lounge, sniffed it, played with a few baubles and watched me decorate it as though at any minute she was expecting something unusual to happen. Well I managed to break the customary one bauble while decoratoring it however, this year I surpassed myself I managed to knock the fairy off the top as well. She crashed to the floor and broke her head - not to worry all mended with superglue.

Afterwards I worked on the above


  1. sounds like a busy christmas! :D i wished i could go christmas tree hunting too, that sounds about one of the most christmassy things one could do! :)

  2. I love your miniatures, especially the pudding! I've never tasted a pudding but I'd like to.

  3. Your cocoa and cookies are wonderful!