Thursday, 14 January 2010

What A Day!

Everything I touched turned out wrong ( miniature that is). Today I managed to drop an unbaked item onto the bottom of the oven ruining it before it was even finished. The fluff monster jumped all over my items leaving a trail of mainly red dust (my new dressing gown). So all in all, creatively I have not had a good day. Oh yes I am also feeling very cross and irritable. LOL Sometimes I just have days where I should not have touched any clay for my own piece of mind.
But on a brighter note this is what I have been up to previously.


  1. sorry to hear that your day isn't going well. :( That just means that tomorrow will be better!

    LOVE your minis! What do you use for the sugar coating on the profiterole tower?

  2. Even if you had a bad day.... your creations have become miraculous!!!! Love them all.

  3. Thank you Karin.
    Mini maker I sand a block of baked white fimo. Then I roll the pre baked bon bons in the fine white dust.
    Hoping I have a better day today. Already the items I made yesterday do not look so bad.