Saturday, 20 February 2010

I Thought Yoga was Meant To Be Easy

I started doing Yoga classes at my local gym and now I can hardly move let alone sculpt. I thought yeah I'll try this it looks easy and theres not much running about. How wrong could I be?

First some of the poses were so difficult to get into and maintain I did't think I would be able to get out of the them, secondly my body isn't as supple as it was 20 years ago (but of course I had no ideal) and thirdly I was so exhausted afterwards it was all I could do to walk home. Ah yeah, I was only doing Everyday Yoga "a class especially good for those experiencing Yoga for the first time".All that said I am enjoying the torment and will be attending weekly classes LOL.
Before the pain set in I was able to put together the above.


  1. It will get better... soon you will be looking like Jennifer Aniston! She said yoga changed her life!!!
    The cake looks yummy !!!

  2. Hi Sarah, the yoga gets easier I promise! you'll notice a difference in a couple of days (after the agony goes away :o)))

    There's an award for you on my blog! Vicky x

  3. The cakes look so yummy! As for yoga - it will be better soon! :)

  4. Nip across to my blog, there is an award awaiting you.