Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Squirrel Mayhem

My mother has a squirrel living in a hole left after an old flue was removed from the bathroom. The animal cannot get into the roof and is doing no harm. But Mum being Mum wanted rid of it and routinely chased it with a garden broom. Luckily to say she never managed to catch it. Well over Winter it hibernated and all was quiet on both the squirrel and Mum front. But as Spring sprung Mum wanted the hole blocked up and the squirrel evicted. So I arranged for a friend to block the hole for her. Well you would not believe the drama, it seems the squirrel is female and has had young. She went berserk when she returned to find the hole blocked and spent the night clawing away at the piece of wood covering the hole. Luckily as we thought a pigeon may be in there we had left a breathing hole and hoped to release the animal the next day as it just would not come out. Today we removed the wood so that mother and babies were reunited. After her ordeal the squirrel will probably move her babies to a safer place. Its a shame because they weren't harming anything or anyone being there. Hopefully alls well that ends well. I would have left them be and gloried in the knowledge that I had nature living on my doorstep.

Here's what I have been upto while not terrifying squirrels.


  1. Oh.. those easter treats looks so fantastic!!
    Cannot wait fore mine to arrive!!!!
    Poor squirrel, what a nightmare it must have ben to find her hole and the access to her children blocked!!! Well it ended good, I love those cute squirrels, both grey and brown!!!
    Have a nice and squirrel free day, both of you!!
    Synnøve x

  2. I agree about the squirrel and family but I guess hearing the movement could be distracting.
    Fabulous spring goodies. Your colours are so delicate.