Sunday, 11 July 2010

Gentle Cycle Ride by the Canal

Here in the UK the weather has been gorgeous for weeks now so today my husband and I decided to go for a cycle ride along the canal from Tottenham Marshes to Canning Town. Thats about 12 miles (19KM) there and back. We had been cycling for about 15mins when my husband asked when were we going to start. I was a little confused I thought we had started. I was enjoying myself looking at the canal house boats and the ducks. Basically he wanted me to up my speed, some men never satisfied LOL. I told him to go ahead and I would amble slowly, no not slowly just not at the speed of a bullet. This worked very well until I realized that he had both my asthma pump, the money and the water. Well one always has to stop for a little light refreshment along the way. Actually it worked out really well as he waited for me at the bridges and once I had my inhaler I was as happy as a lark.
We had a really enjoyable 2 hours unfortunately I am too tired now to do any miniature work. Here's what I have been upto this week.


  1. You where right! With this weather it's best to cycle slowly! :P
    (no not slowly indeed, just not at the speed of a bullet indeed!!)
    Sounds like a fun trip though, and the delicious foods you made, ohw they make me hungry! I love that strawberry cake, I so want to eat it ;)

  2. Everything looks so incredible and delicious! You food makers have had me develop a sweet tooth! I find myself craving them!!!!

  3. Que cantidad de maravillas!!!
    Y todas parecen tan reales!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. your sweets are wonderful! looks so real!

  5. Dear Sarah, Thank you for perservering - your web site is great and the photos show very well. Your work is remarkable. Just go out and cycle - the dark winter days will soon be with us and those days are most conducive to making minis.
    Regards Janine

  6. ¡Maravillosos! ¡Que manos tienes para estos dulces! Besos Clara