Sunday, 15 August 2010

I Can't Even Think of a Title!

Strawberry Macaroons
Black Forest Gateau
White Chocolate Wizard

What have I been upto? Well to tell the truth, just about anything and everything to avoid getting down to some serious mini making. Why? Probably because subconsciously I believe I am on holiday or that sometimes I have the concentration span of a fruitfly. I have been flitting from one idea to another without much thought about what I am doing. Even talking to my neighbours chickens.

Thankfully I have managed to make a couple of bits and here they are.


  1. Pues para no estar inspirada......, te han quedado genial.
    Me encanta la tarta de chocolate, se ve tan real!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Lol I feel the same these days;) Your treats looks so good.

  3. Esa selva negra me ha abierto el apetito. Tus dulces están perfectos. Besos Clara

  4. That is looking so real , such a clever job , love it . Love from Frederica

  5. LOL @ talking to the chickens! What you have done is fabulous!!! No need for a title! Your wonderful food says it all!