Saturday, 13 November 2010

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My luck seems to have run out! what with breaking my glasses, now my kettle has finally given up the ghost. So I am temporarily reduced to boiling a saucepan of water for a much needed cuppa tea. I know it probably doesn't take more than a 5 minutes but we are so used to the superfast electric kettle that it seems ages. Then I spill at least 1/3 of the water trying to pour it into my cup. My new glasses have arrived and everything looks too bright and I feel a little dizzy. I prefer the old ones I was wearing.

But all said and done I am still working and one must count one's blessings. Here's a sample of what I have been upto.


  1. Thanks for sharing. You are a true miniature artisan. Your food is unbelievable. I especially liked the basket full of food. Keep up the great work and much succes swith your new web site.

  2. Your food looks so good, you do an amazing job!

  3. The Christmas Hamper is wonderful!