Friday, 4 March 2011

Accident Prone

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Easter Cakes - To see more click here

This week while doing a good deed, tidying my lazy son's bedroom (hes 19 years old), I managed to break my glasses. I was so hot I pulled off my sweater in a rush and a lens snapped. Being left with only an old pair of less than flattering glasses I quickly mailed off the broken glasses to be repaired. Well, to my horror I have just received an email saying the company I sent the broken glasses to has no record of them or of ever stocking those frames. In my hurry to return them I posted them to the wrong company. I feel such a fool!
What with dropping my personal D.A.B. radio in the bucket of water last week, while doing some Spring cleaning for my Mum. I dread to think what else I may break in my quest to be helpful.
Here are a few items ready for Easter.


  1. You poor thing!!! LOL....doesn't sound like a good week! Your Easter goodies though are another story!! They all look so wonderful!!

  2. In England we say bad things come in threes, I would say you have had your three!

    Beautiful work. They look so yummy and wonderfully colourful.

  3. Thank you Estefania and Patty.

    Janice yes I am in England too but, I forgot about the superglue incident and was worried something else would happen.

  4. Beautiful charming little things!!