Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Heatwave Causes Mayhem

In London we are experiencing a mini heatwave its been about 30 degrees centigrade all week. The pupils I work with are getting on each other's nerves as, its nearly the end of term and its really hot in class. Yesterday after dealing with two boys deliberately piddling on the loo floor and sorting out squobbles about who said what and who did what. A child came to me in the playground to tell me another child had kicked him and said the F word and B word. I sent for the child in question and asked him for his version of events. It turned out they were wrestling and equally to blame however, when questioned the second child admitted to using a bad word. I can tell you I felt like using a string of bad words........

After work I retired to the tranquility and peace of my workroom where I produced a very satisfying box of Chocolate Wafers.


  1. I agree, they are a very satifying box of wafers....they look wonderful, I love them!!

    Regards, Linda