Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Raspberry Charlotte Cake Comfort Food

For the first time in over 17 years I am at home alone. My son is in South Africa doing charity work in a school and my partner is on a business trip to Qatar. Its only been 4 hours but I think I will make the next 72 hours okay lol.

Its just me and my cat and she doesn't have much to say although, a look says so much. I should be making minis but, with another 4 weeks of holiday to go I keep putting it off until tomorrow.

Here's something I made earlier and if I get really lonely I will go to the shop and buy a real sized cake to treat myself.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Weather Ruins Play

Here I am again my summer visit to my father in Lancashire. Unfortunately the weather is awful heavy rain has been forecast for the whole of my visit and guess what it is raining heavily. 

I have just been to the Mill Marsh Dollshouse shop in Cleverlys, Lancashire only to find it is closed until 29th July when it  will reopen with a massive closing down sale. Its a great little shop with an abundance of varied stock so if you are in the area its well worth a visit. 

I am pleased to report that my father has finally moved into the 21st century and purchased a top spec Apple Mac computer. He was a little miffed that I knew how to use it without his "expert" tuition but, at least I can spend as long as I like on it without him moaning about his bill for internet connection. Oh yes and it does not take an age to warm up in fact, its so quick to use from the point of turning on to the point of surfing the net I am jealous.

I am missing my workroom and will return Friday to start preparing for a miniature Christmas which I am really looking forward to.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Schools Out

Thank goodness school has finally finished. No more precariously balancing on bookcases and ladders trying to reach that last staple and wondering how you got the display up there in the first place. All the while 25 little angels are either: bickering about who is helping you by holding the ladder and sorting the work into piles; taking the opportunity to misbehave; watching the video or talking at the tops of their voices. At one point I imagined tomorrows headlines "Pupils Hurt as Teachering Assistant Topples From Ladder".

Thankfully the classroom is empty, the pupils have gone home safe and I have not lost my mind. Another successful year completed!

I have made some chocolates for all the mini teachers out there to enjoy now that Schools Out.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Domestic Goddess - I Think Not

My turn to cook so, I decided to cook a chilli. First forgot to buy tinned tomatoes and red kidney beans. Tinned I hear you say! Believe me its safest for all concerned those beans can kill. Had to hot foot it across the street and barter with my very understanding mother. Then we had no chilli powder I used cayenne pepper instead but, not enough. I had to drain the rice and dropped half of it in the sink. So finally we had tasteless chilli with half the amount of rice intended. However, the disaster does not end there about an hour later my poor underfed partner (who cooks most of the time) shouted out that I had left the leftover rice cooking and now it was burnt to the pan. Well I just closed the door of my inner sanctum where the horrors of real cooking cannot reach me.

On a happier note here is something that I can make.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Heatwave Causes Mayhem

In London we are experiencing a mini heatwave its been about 30 degrees centigrade all week. The pupils I work with are getting on each other's nerves as, its nearly the end of term and its really hot in class. Yesterday after dealing with two boys deliberately piddling on the loo floor and sorting out squobbles about who said what and who did what. A child came to me in the playground to tell me another child had kicked him and said the F word and B word. I sent for the child in question and asked him for his version of events. It turned out they were wrestling and equally to blame however, when questioned the second child admitted to using a bad word. I can tell you I felt like using a string of bad words........

After work I retired to the tranquility and peace of my workroom where I produced a very satisfying box of Chocolate Wafers.

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