Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dollhouse Miniature Butterfly Fondant Cakes

How I wish I had not looked out of the window this morning, I did and noticed the drain was over flowing so, I went to investigate. I poked around removing leaves with a handy stick nothing. Next I armed myself with some rubber gloves, the water was grey with bits of putrid food floating in it, not deterred I started splashing water out of the drain. Then I felt brave and reached down into the drain, lovely I started removing gunk. But the water was not flowing freely so I tentatively reached down at which point the smelly, filthy water squelched over the top of my rubber glove. I had reached the main blockage, I continued to remove fat, leaves etc while the foul water continued to squelch inside my glove. Job done I threw the gloves away and scrubbed my arm repeatedly. I am convinced I can still smell that awful stink. However the drain is cleared and I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Onto the nicer things in my day I made more beautiful delicate fondant butterfly cakes.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Just a rant about the Real World

December my new kettle gives up the ghost, January my toaster is knackered( about 5 months old) and today the iron shorts and spills rusty water on  white shirt. I am beginning to think  that domesity is not my friend. Anyway who cares back to miniatures, I can use the grill, the kettle was under guarantee and I do as little ironing as possible.
Didn't do any sculpting today but I have put a couple of cake boards and stands together. I have a nagging suspicion that I was meant to be sculpting something special today but, for the life of me I cannot remember what it is. Last night in bed when I should have been sleeping I had a moment of inspiration, I should have written it down. I will probably remember tomorrow when I am back at work.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Cupcake Heaven

Yesterday I made lots of glorious cupcakes, if only they were real, I'd be as fat as a pig. Once I got the consistency of the icing right there was no stopping me. I even made meringues when I ran out of cake bases. So all in all yesterday was a very productive day although, it ended with me covered in cornstarch and hardening acrylic paste (may have ruined a jumper but its only cheap and old). However today is a very different story, I do not usually drink..... Well you know where this is going, I had a little drink last night, oh dear lets just say there will be no sculpting today due to illness, self imposed I know but still as painful. At least I remember now why I do not usually drink. Before I return to the sofa and hangover TV here's a reminder of better times.

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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Miniature Disaster Frankenstein's Baby

Usually I sculpt 1/12th Scale dollhouse food but, after perusing doll sites I thought I would have a go. Well what can I say! First I thought I had made a dust magnet, where did all the dust come from was it waiting for me to start sculpting? Oh yeah and in my excitement I forgot to wash my hands so, now I have a dirty bit of polymer clay covered in bits of dust. On the bright side he has no visible finger prints. Into the oven he goes oh dear I slightly burnt his right foot, never mind its hardly noticable now that I have sanded it down and cut a bit off. His nose is too big and he looks like an old man but I actually think he's quite cute however I think I will stick to dollhouse food from now on.

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