Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Light Lunch

Today I am feeling a little flat as usually, I would be on my way to the Glastonbury Music Festival in our 1976 VW Camper. However for this festival you had to purchase your tickets in October 2008 and unfortunately we did not know whether our son would still be taking his exams or if we would be free to go. As it happens we are free to go and our son has finished his exams. So tomorrow I am tempted to flood the garden with a hose pipe, put my wellies on, sit in a deckchair and listen to the festival on the radio. Even more sickening - it looks like the weather is going to be fabulous for all those lucky festival goers. I am not jealous honest....

Well, I will just have to be content with a light lunch in the flooded garden! A mushroom and pepper quiche with a salad, a glass of wine and some olive oil drizzled over the salad.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Why I Work in a School

I have just had a very enjoyable afternoon playing rounders with two classes of 7 & 8 year olds. The temperature was about 24 degrees centigrade in the playground and fun was had by all, they like playing sports and I love the sun. I am afraid to say that even though this is the third or fourth time we have played this particular sport some of the children have yet to grasp the rules. The number of kids running their team mates out or stamping a post when the batter was long gone only added to the fun.

Now down to my true calling miniatures, here's one I made earlier.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Creative Mojo Missing Reward Offered

I spent about an hour moving my work bench so that I can look out over the garden while I sculpt (I only move it away in the winter as its too cold). I thought it would help motivate me as I find it very hard to tear myself away from the sunshine and lock myself in my workroom when the sun is blazing. Alright then when the sun is out.

I have been sitting here daydreaming for the last hour just gazing at the garden but, not really seeing. I have been away with the fairies lying in long grassed meadows listening to the birds singing and watching the fairies playing.

Enough is enough I am goin into the garden just to test the temperature! Oh yes I managed to put this together when the weather was still inferior.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Miniature Back Pain is No Joke

I have just returned from the osteopath having been treated for a bad back. Picture of one of the suspects posted to the right. I have spent far too many hours busily bent over my work bench producing miniature works of art.
The Osteopath suggested a heightened work bench but, until I can purchase another or put my current bench on books. I have simply lowered my chair so, that only my head and shoulders are visible above the bench. I look like a complete idiot but, at least my back is not bent. The things we do in the name of art.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

If I had a Brain I would be Dangerous

Lovely day here today so, I decided to do a bit of gardening before shutting myself away with the little elves that help me make my mini food LOL. After cutting the front and back garden lawns I thought it would be a good idea for me to dug up the grass growing on our front gravel path. May I mention here that I am only 5' 2" tall on a good day with the wind beneath me and about as strong as a eleven year old.

Well suffice to say it started off my asthma, left me shaky with no strength in my hands and therefore, unable to sculpt. So all in all a wasted opportunity and unfortunately the path looks only marginally better. Sometimes I believe that when the great maker was giving out brains I thought he said trains and asked for a slow one!

Fortunately before my brain wave I managed to put the above together

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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Boxes, Boxes and more B......... Boxes

Last weekend I almost lost the will to live. I am not the most computer literate person on the planet but, I try. Just now I translated this blog into Hindi thank goodness I was able to disable the translation. I am always tinkering with keys and icons I don't know the function of. Sorry, I digress back to last weekend. I decided to have a go at producing a cake box using Illustrator. Well after 6 hours of frustration and countless obscenities I had a box but the writing was beyond me. Yes 6 hours I know at least I am focused or just plain stupid. Finally on Sunday I mastered it and now there's no stopping me.
Above is an example of La Petite Patisserie cake box which I have made in various sizes. I have also made pizza boxes. So now after almost pulling every hair out of my head I am feeling a little pleased with myself.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Bubble Wrap Saves the Day

Today my school had the official opening for its Children's Centre, David Lammy our MP attended followed by other dignitories. It was all going well until the heavens opened and drenched us with a deluge of water. While assisting on the junk instrument stall I spotted a great sheet of bubble wrap so, I quickly cut a hole for my head put it on and used abit of tape for the sides. Hey presto I had a fabulous water proof tunic. Yes I admit the so called dignitories kept their distance and a few of my colleagues had a good laugh but, I was home and dry.

After the unpleasantness of reality I returned to the comfort of my 12th scale haven and treated myself to a slice of my Fruits of the Forest Charlotte Cake and can you believe it, its zero calories lol! Which I made last weekend.

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