Tuesday 10 November 2020

Looking After Yourself Giveaway

As the UK enters it's 2nd lock down I decided to have a go at the NHS app from Couch to 5K, a running app designed to get you up off the sofa and running. Usually I visit the gym at least 3 times a week exercise being an excellent way to keep my body and mind healthy.

Before I left the house I mentally ticked off what I needed:

inhaler, water bottle, phone and earplugs, keys, running shoes, pockets for all this stuff.

It soon became apparent I had forgotten one of the most important items of clothing... my sport's bra. Luckily I am not blessed with a generous bust or I may have knocked myself out. However, I am gifted with enough to feel uncomfortable. and give a few a laugh. 

The app eases you into exercise by starting  with a 5 min walk to warm you up then a jog for 60 seconds followed by a brisk walk for 90 seconds. this is repeated 7 times and finished with a 5 minute walk to cool you down. Firstly OMG I thought I was relatively fit secondly; I only actually ran for 8 minutes and I felt exhausted and thirdly running is so unforgiving on the knees as well as being totally different from exercising in the gym.

But my did I feel good, sweating and breathing heavily I returned home on a cloud of calm euphoria. Far too tired and relaxed to feel the general level of anxiety that, usually plagues my every waking hour away from playing with clay. So yes after my one day of rest I will be running again abate with a new pair of running shoes.

As a little treat I have decided to launch a giveaway for one of my:

One of a kind Polymer Clay Embroidery Style Pendants finished with polished wax. The pendant includes a 10mm black velvet ribbon or 2mm black waxed cord with a silver plated lobster clasp and chain extender. You can choose the length of velvet ribbon you would like. The Pendant measures 35mm by 25mm (1″ 3/8 by 1”) and the length with bail 40mm. The mount is silver in colour and is made of zinc and copper.

For a chance to win this dainty little piece please:

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On December 1st I will randomly pick an email from the list of subscribers to my newsletter and providing they have fulfilled the other criteria. I will notify them of their win.

Thursday 17 September 2020

What’s Your Covid-19 Story?

Please click here to read my Covid story. It will take you to my sister blog where I originally published it back in April.

How are you coping with the uncertainty created  by Covid-19?

Crafting! No seriously, of course crafting helps to focus the mind and relax you. However, if I am ultra stressed I cannot even attempt to sit still let alone craft.

My mantra during these unprecedented times is “Be kind (especially to yourself), go for a walk and exercise."

Being kind to myself allowed me to put a few pounds on and deal with my ever changing reflection without the normal visits to the hairdressers and beauticians. Trips to the beauticians were solely for hair removal. Being a lady of a certain age the odd chinnie chin hair and slight "tache" are never far from the door.

For me being outside in the open is paramount for my well being. A little green space helps to clear my troubled mind and calms my anxiety. Unfortunately, I live in a space hungry, tangled urban jungle of a city. So my local park and canal path had to suffice. Walking by the water watching the cygnets slowly transform into swans has been just one of the simple pleasures I have allowed myself throughout the pandemic.

Finally Thank Goodness the gyms are open again. Exercise is the one thing that keeps the ugly shadow of depression from my door. Yes I did try: the odd on-line gym class; going for a run and cycling but, those adventures will keep for another time.

So to recap if I had to sum up my coping mechanism during Covid-19 in just three words. They would be Kindness, Outdoors and Exercise!

What would yours be?

Meanwhile this week I have been working on Autumn Candles. I put together little displays of Autumnal leaves, conkers from the Horse Chestnut tree, red berries and pine cones to produce a festive background for the candles.    


Click here for more infor




Click here for more info











The leaves are a mixture of either paper or polymer clay. There are Oak, Holly and Sycamore leaves which have been painted or dusted with gold to give the effect of changing colour. The cones are real tiny cones collected during my many walks. The conkers are made from clay and the berries are glass beads.


The displays would look great in a Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween or Autumn scene.

Tuesday 15 September 2020

Why Do I Bother

Day started well, thought I would wash the sitting room’s curtains. As the room needed a refresh and to be honest I could not remember the last time I washed them. It was a lovely warm morning they would be sure to dry. 

Managed to safely get the curtains down and remove the hooks. But this act introduced me to the detritus of human life that was busily developing into a new eco-system between the curtain rail and ceiling. As much as I tried to ignore the cobwebs and strings of dust. It was no good I had to get the hoover out. 

I rammed the curtains into the washing machine and forced the door shut without a thought that maybe, I should wash them one at a time. Hoovered the curtain rail and ceiling. Only to realise the whole ceiling needed hoovering. Unfortunately this madness spread to all the ground floor ceilings.

Huffing and puffing and covered in dust with bruised shins (up and down the ladder) I attempted to hang the curtains on the clothe's line to dry. All good lots of space after the first was hung. Just put the second curtain on the line and it...... snapped. Depositing clean curtains on the lawn. 

After the internal screaming, rant of expletives and return to serenity I noted firstly, I had been Mis-sold said washing line, it was supposed to have a steel core;  secondly the  disaster was not so bad, lawn dry curtains not muddy. What to do now? Light bulb moment “Let’s tie the snapped ends together.”It is enough to say after much toing  and froing it did not work and curtains were back on the lawn. 

Now had to go and purchase a new washing line but, what to do meanwhile?

On my return clutching my brand new steel cored clothe's line I decided to re-wash one of the curtains as packing the machine so tightly had not been One of my best ideas for the day. With new clothe's line in place and now two clean curtains hanging merrily on it. I could finally start crafting. 

It would seem the moral of this short story is “For goodness sake do as little as possible housework and leave more time for crafting!”

After my somewhat stressful morning I managed to get these finished and listed.

Earrings and Gingerbread Houses

For more about my earrings click here.

For more details about the dollhouse miniature food click here

Monday 14 September 2020

Dementia Stole my Mother

My wonderful mother

My son and I went to visit my lovely mum at the care home today. She was so pleased to see us well, I say us but, to be honest it was Ollie she was pleased to see. I was just happy mum was having a good day.  Sadly during some visits mum’s dementia is foremost leaving her once beautiful, animated eyes devoid of any life and her mumbling go away!

Smelling of shite, my nappy needs changing.
Breath like a sewer, a cap lost from my tooth.
Plaque and food detritus ruining my smile.
Hair greasy and frowsy, I don’t want to shower.

Slouched, nodding off in my chair.
Mouth agape dribbling and catching flies.
Large purple and yellowing bruise to my forehead.
I fell again or so they say.
My feet like overstuffed sausages 
protruding from my sandals. My shoes have been lost.
My handbag caked in remnants of yesterday’s meals.

My mind, what mind, who’s mind?

You call it living, I call it abuse.
Where is the dignity

Then I had an epiphany moment mum is not suffering, she is as happy as can be in whatever world she now occupies. It is only those that knew her before this, awful plague on humanity stole her wits and left behind a shuffling shell, that suffer.

Childhood Revisited

I am warm, I feel safe, I can hear music.

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Pugs, Jugs and Cufflinks

Mr Wilbur I have just one question how can someone so small produce so much poo?

Here in London in the UK we have had consistent drizzle with intermittent torrential downpours for, what seems like forever. Although, in reality it’s probably more like three weeks but, together with the shorter days it’s taking its toll on my pessimistic disposition. Instead of my glass being half empty, it’s now cracked and empty.

So I am being extra kind to myself with hot water bottles, candles and little treats of creams, potions and the odd minuscule cake.

 Today I am working on the launch of my Pug and Jug Cuff links inspired by my very own naughty Mr Wilbur. this is what I just found when I went to check on him.
It's a long and often frustrating process getting to the finished article. I have been experimenting with colours, painting techniques, and varnishes with a few disasters and the odd expletive. For example: twisting a stuck lid off a paint tube only to have paint sausage out at an alarming rate covering my hands; not to forget the obligatory item stuck to your fingers with superglue and of course the most frustrating of plagues dust.
Despite these inconveniences I have just managed to list 3 pairs on my Etsy shop Dollhousekitchen. I am continuing work on the Jug cuff links and  personalising of the cuflinks

Click for more information
Click for more information

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Who's the Fairest of Them All?

Today I have finally gotten round to booking myself into the hairdressers for the full works. Well I say full works if only it were possible! I mean a colour, cut and blow dry. Last month  I decided to try and grow my hair out to it's natural colour as, I am sick and tired of having to go through the rigmarole of once a month sitting in that chair and being forced to look at my aging reflection for 2 hours. While the hairdresser at least makes my hair look youthful.

Roots need doing
I am a 51 year old woman who, I am ashamed to say, is hating the effects age is having on my body. The little wrinkles creeping around my eyes, the lines appearing around my smile and the crepe like skin playing peek-a-boo at various sites are slowly dissolving my confidence.

In a society where youth and beauty are synonymous where, does that leave me? I have achieved many things in my 51 years except, it would seem, the secret of eternal youth? I will tell you where! Queuing up for botox, fillers and the latest creams, potions and snake oils that promise to plump up that old, saggy skin.

Written down it reads like a line from a slapstick farce. 

Not much time today for mini making only had time to throw these together and get them listed.

Dollhouse Halloween Chocolates
Dollhouse miniature Halloween Candy
World of dollhouse miniatures where age really doesn't matter but, size does!

Friday 4 October 2019

Good Morning and welcome to my chilly, wet, world of indecision, forgetfulness and tears. Here in North London (UK) we have had nothing but rain for the last week. I have lost account of the times I went out in a light drizzle to return soaked by a torrential downpour. Mr Wilbur, my darling little Jug (Jack Russell\Pug cross) absolutely hates the rain and still has not forgiven me for his last drenching. Even after his warm shower he sat shivering on the sofa. So I wrapped him in his favourite blanket.

Mr Wilbur wrapped in his blanket
I booked tickets to see the film "Downton Abbey" for Sunday 29th Sept at 2.15pm for myself and my husband. Then promptly forgot until the said Sunday at 5pm. What concerned me the most was the fact they had cost £29.50. The last time I went to the cinema it only cost £5.50. As I am a lady of a "certain age" I put my forgetfulness down to the big M. At the grand old age of 51 years I am experiencing the best and the worst of what, it is like to be in the menopause. Sorry yet to experience the positive aspects but, how long have you got for the negatives.

Decided to go back on the HRT patches after the fiasco of poor Mr Wilbur experiencing the symptons of estrogen poisoning from my topical HRT gel. He lost his belly hair and his nipples swelled to the size of large grapes. What a shock that was!  I googled dog hair loss and HRT and there it was.  He was absorbing the estrogen from my arms. I did not realise that I should have covered my arms for up to one hour after application, to stop this from happening. I thought once the area was dry to touch all was ok.

So now I have one sad, cold and partially bald little dog and a very nervous partner who definitely does not want to develop large nipples and lose his most precious head of hair. 

But on a happier note I have found time to sculpt, photograph and post these little houses. Simply click on the caption for more information

Halloween Dollhouse Miniature
 Gingerbread House 12th Scale
Halloween Dollhouse Miniature
 Gingerbread House 12th Scale

Looking After Yourself Giveaway

As the UK enters it's 2nd lock down I decided to have a go at the NHS app from Couch to 5K, a running app designed to get you up off the...