Thursday, 17 September 2020

What’s Your Covid-19 Story?

Please click here to read my Covid story. It will take you to my sister blog where I originally published it back in April.

How are you coping with the uncertainty created  by Covid-19?

Crafting! No seriously, of course crafting helps to focus the mind and relax you. However, if I am ultra stressed I cannot even attempt to sit still let alone craft.

My mantra during these unprecedented times is “Be kind (especially to yourself), go for a walk and exercise."

Being kind to myself allowed me to put a few pounds on and deal with my ever changing reflection without the normal visits to the hairdressers and beauticians. Trips to the beauticians were solely for hair removal. Being a lady of a certain age the odd chinnie chin hair and slight "tache" are never far from the door.

For me being outside in the open is paramount for my well being. A little green space helps to clear my troubled mind and calms my anxiety. Unfortunately, I live in a space hungry, tangled urban jungle of a city. So my local park and canal path had to suffice. Walking by the water watching the cygnets slowly transform into swans has been just one of the simple pleasures I have allowed myself throughout the pandemic.

Finally Thank Goodness the gyms are open again. Exercise is the one thing that keeps the ugly shadow of depression from my door. Yes I did try: the odd on-line gym class; going for a run and cycling but, those adventures will keep for another time.

So to recap if I had to sum up my coping mechanism during Covid-19 in just three words. They would be Kindness, Outdoors and Exercise!

What would yours be?

Meanwhile this week I have been working on Autumn Candles. I put together little displays of Autumnal leaves, conkers from the Horse Chestnut tree, red berries and pine cones to produce a festive background for the candles.    


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The leaves are a mixture of either paper or polymer clay. There are Oak, Holly and Sycamore leaves which have been painted or dusted with gold to give the effect of changing colour. The cones are real tiny cones collected during my many walks. The conkers are made from clay and the berries are glass beads.


The displays would look great in a Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween or Autumn scene.

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  1. Very Pretty colors which remind me of photos showcasing autumns in Vermont.


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