Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Why Do I Bother

Day started well, thought I would wash the sitting room’s curtains. As the room needed a refresh and to be honest I could not remember the last time I washed them. It was a lovely warm morning they would be sure to dry. 

Managed to safely get the curtains down and remove the hooks. But this act introduced me to the detritus of human life that was busily developing into a new eco-system between the curtain rail and ceiling. As much as I tried to ignore the cobwebs and strings of dust. It was no good I had to get the hoover out. 

I rammed the curtains into the washing machine and forced the door shut without a thought that maybe, I should wash them one at a time. Hoovered the curtain rail and ceiling. Only to realise the whole ceiling needed hoovering. Unfortunately this madness spread to all the ground floor ceilings.

Huffing and puffing and covered in dust with bruised shins (up and down the ladder) I attempted to hang the curtains on the clothe's line to dry. All good lots of space after the first was hung. Just put the second curtain on the line and it...... snapped. Depositing clean curtains on the lawn. 

After the internal screaming, rant of expletives and return to serenity I noted firstly, I had been Mis-sold said washing line, it was supposed to have a steel core;  secondly the  disaster was not so bad, lawn dry curtains not muddy. What to do now? Light bulb moment “Let’s tie the snapped ends together.”It is enough to say after much toing  and froing it did not work and curtains were back on the lawn. 

Now had to go and purchase a new washing line but, what to do meanwhile?

On my return clutching my brand new steel cored clothe's line I decided to re-wash one of the curtains as packing the machine so tightly had not been One of my best ideas for the day. With new clothe's line in place and now two clean curtains hanging merrily on it. I could finally start crafting. 

It would seem the moral of this short story is “For goodness sake do as little as possible housework and leave more time for crafting!”

After my somewhat stressful morning I managed to get these finished and listed.

Earrings and Gingerbread Houses

For more about my earrings click here.

For more details about the dollhouse miniature food click here

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