Sunday, 29 August 2010


Haunted House Halloween Cake - See more images at my dollhouse food site
Pumpkin Halloween Cake - See more images at my dollhouse food site
Black Cat Halloween Cake - See more images at my dollhouse food site

Yesterday, I just could not find the black filigree cake stand I had made; I even tidied up my work bench thinking it may be under all the clutter. I checked the floor but nothing. It just seemed to have disappeared into thin air so, I decided to make a few more. When I returned half an hour later there was the original cake stand not more than 2 inches from the new ones. I gasped "How can that be?"
It would seem that the spooky Halloween spirits are already playing their little tricks! Or maybe it was the fairies!

Heres a sample of the cakes I have been making for Halloween

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Who Said Exercise Was Good For You?

Orange and Raspberry Charlotte Cake - See more images on my dollhouse food site
Black Forest Gateau - See more images on my dollhouse food site
Milk Chocolate Wizard

Belgian Chocolates

Today I went swimming after a break of nearly 3 weeks (I hurt my neck and shoulder previously) and now I am feeling a little tired. Too tired infact to start making minis. In actual truth I feel like a little lie down and I would if it wasn't already 4.30pm. I originally hurt my neck and shoulder doing Yoga and swimming. Not together I hasten to add. So what am I to do exercise 3 times a week as recommended to stay healthy and sleep my afternoons away or get mini making and become unhealthy LOL.

I have added a Tutorial section to my website and I will be updating it frequently. Please have a look. I have also been making more chocolate cakes. Oh how I fancy a slice of chocolate cake and a nice cuppa tea at the moment. Instead of a dry old rice cake. (Thats all I have in the cupboard).

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Visiting My Dad

As the title suggests I am away from the clay for a couple of days. I return Friday 20th August and will be adding new items to my website on my return. From now on this will be my primary selling site. Eventually I hope to stop listing on Etsy or possibly just use it for my miniature food jewellery items.

I have been out and about visiting craft shops looking for bits and pieces to use in mini making. My poor father just leaves me there as he knows I will be hours and then he collects me when I ring him. The first time I took so long he came looking for me thinking I had got lost or lost his number.

My son has gone on Holiday with his Granny and two of his cousins to Lanzarote. I was hoping he would email me to let me know what he was up to. His Dad just laughed saying hes on the beach enjoying himself the last thing on his mind is emailing his Mum. I suppose he is right.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday break.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

I Can't Even Think of a Title!

Strawberry Macaroons
Black Forest Gateau
White Chocolate Wizard

What have I been upto? Well to tell the truth, just about anything and everything to avoid getting down to some serious mini making. Why? Probably because subconsciously I believe I am on holiday or that sometimes I have the concentration span of a fruitfly. I have been flitting from one idea to another without much thought about what I am doing. Even talking to my neighbours chickens.

Thankfully I have managed to make a couple of bits and here they are.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

August Already

I cannot believe we have already slipped into August. I am so behind with miniature making ah but, its only the 4th so not so bad afterall. I have been down to Canterbury for a couple of days where I did a 17 mile (27km) cycle ride along the route called The Crab & Winkle Way. It followed the old train line between Canterbury and Whitstable. I had to buy a new cycle seat with extra gel for comfort apparently, especially good for Ladies with a large bottom. Not sure whether I qualify there! Well after that I was good for nothing else except dare I say a little afternoon snooze.

The next day we did a bit of site seeing visiting Museums and various other attractions. It would have been great to have had another day but the pressures of work always seem to cloud the horizon.

Heres a glimpse at what I have been upto when not reading in the garden.

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