Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Finally I have Found Some Time For Minis

Yesterday and today I was finally able to find some time for making minis. The washing is all done and yes my son's sheets are changed. He even stripped the bed himself and put the clean ones on. Also my partner has updated my old computer with a great fast new one. But I had to laugh when I opened the washing machine and found two t-shirts and a pair of pants. According to my partner that was a wash, he didn't want to overload the machine. So everything is back to normal!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Home Again Hooray, Hooray

Touched down at Gatwick UK yesterday at 12.30am exhausted but so glad to be home only 7 days late. The house is in chaos and would you believe it afterI had only managed to snatch 5 hours sleep my 18 year old son asked me if it were posssible, could I change his sheets today? Lets just say it is not one of my priorities LOL!
Hopefully I will have this place straight and be able to start making my beloved minis soon. Although, first I must get through the pile of dirty laundry (son and partner no laundry done for 2 weeks), shop as we are out of all basics and tidy up the garden, the grass is about a foot high and thank goodness, I arrived home not a drop of water given to my parched little plants.
I have obviously gone very wrong somewhere along the line. I should have returned to a spotless sanctuary of cleaniless and efficiency.
I should be so lucky!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Extended Holiday

Due to the Icelandic volcano eruption I have been stranded on the island of Lanzarote. I was due home 15.04.10. Now I am due to fly home Thursday 22nd April. However if there are further complications I could be here for longer. I know this sounds ideal but I am missing my son and partner and believe it or not mini making. My little nephew informed me excitedly that we could be here for a month.
I am one of the lucky ones at least I am not having to check daily with my tour operator whether or not I am flying today. I booked independently so I just had to re schedule my flight. Hope to be back in the UK making minis Friday 23rd April. I am off now to read.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Caveman and Technology Strikes Again

After I upgraded by blog I could not work out how to upload new pictures so, I have reverted to the old format of blog. Afterall I had not worked out how to use any of the new settings.

Today I surpassed myself I decided to sharpen my dress making scissors as I was altering a dress for my holiday. Don't ask me what happened I just managed to completely blunt the scissors with the new knife sharpening gadget I had bought. Not to be out witted I then tried to sharpen the said scissors with a knife that I had already sharpened- not one of my good ideas. I now have a deep cut on my thumb and blunt scissors. At least I still managed to alter my dress.

On Tuesday I will have to take the blunt scissors to the professional sharpeners and see if they can work their magic. Before the tradegy I made the above.

For all of you that celebrate Easter - Happy Easter - but do not eat too many eggs I had to retire early to bed on Friday feeling a little unwell after over indulging.

Friday, 2 April 2010

A.I.M Magazine Out Now

The wonderful free April dollshouse magazine by artisans for collectors is available to view now at

Happy Easter to all

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Time Just Flies Away

I have been working away like a little demented beaver, to produce tiny Easter delights and I must say enjoying myself. I had decided to give myself a day off today but, instead I think I will experiment with cold porcelain. I am also disappointed as I have been waiting on an order of mini supplies that was due in mid March and it has still not arrived. I suppose the moral of the story is always order double what you think you will need.

After Easter I am off on a much needed little holiday to Lanzarote with wait for it...... my Mum, its not very rock 'n' roll but its a break. My son is revising for exams and his Dad is always working so a girls got to grab what she can. Oh I hope my Mum does not read this lol.

Here are a few of my creations. Oh dear  its not meant to be. I have upgraded my blogger account and now it will not accept pictures from my computer.   If you would like to see my newest minis please click on the link below it will take you to my Etsy Store.

Now I will have to go away and find out how to upload new photos.

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