Thursday, 26 March 2009

Time is slipping Through my Fingers

Its the end of March already and I have hardly had time to post. I have been busy making exquisite Charlotte cakes, one of my personal favorites. This weekend I will concentrate on sliced Black Forest Gateaux. Oh dear my mouth is watering just imagining them, thank god they are 0 calories.

The cat is back in my room perched on the arm of my sofa. I think she realizes that if she ever invades my miniature space again times will be very very bad for her.......... I had to forgive her eventually, as she is my only ally in a house of two males. It is her that greets me when I wake, accompanies me to the bathroom, sits patiently while I dress and then sorrowfully says goodbye as I leave for work. Only to greet me again cheerfully when I return. She sits with me when I am ill and seems to continuly feel my moods so, really I could not be cross for long.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Giant Cat on the Rampage

My usually docile furry friend caused havoc today as she suddenly launched herself onto my shelf of miniatures. One minute she was lazing in the sun on the arm of my sofa then, to my utter horror I heard a thud and a crash at this point I jumped up from sculpting only to see the huge ephalump perched in the middle of my treasures. I froze what to do? I wanted to scream the house down but, that would only frighten her causing more damage. So I walked slowly, very slowly towards her not letting her know I was at all cross (so she would not move) then, I snatched her off the shelf and eased her through the door all the while shouting and trying not to step on anything that had fallen. Lets just say that today we are not the best of friends and she will not be allowed in my work room for a while.

On the bright side minimum damage for done however, I am still reeling from the imaginery damage I saw in my mind's eye.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Dollhouse Miniature 1/12th Scale Breakfast Tray for the Nursery

This little tray I put together puts me in mind of my own childhood feeding my younger cousins boiled eggs, my Granny had cooked, and dare I say stealing a buttered soldier for myself. It would seem one never loses the fancy for a boiled egg and soldiers I often prepare my 17 year old a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast soldiers and all. Unfortunately butter is off the menu due to allergies however we sneak a little on our soldiers at Christmas.
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Monday, 2 March 2009

Dollhouse Miniatures Abandoned due to the Shakes

No I am not a raving alcoholic going cold turkey just an asthamtic who has taken alot of (needed)medication this morning so, my hands are trembling too much. An unfortunate side effect which is a shame as Mondays are usually one of my sculpting days.

Enough of this self indulgence yesterday, I was busy putting together some pieces to celebrate St Patrick's Day and would you believe it this morning the little people had visited in the night and dusted the items with their gold.

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