Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Halloween Delights

Oh dear I have been back in the UK now for over two months and finding the time to make miniatures is proving difficult. There are just so many other things that need sorting out first. While I was living in Jakarta my son's friend broke the original etched glass in our  front door. I have only just managed to get that sourced. Then the garden well, what can I say he just managed to keep it from dying.  I have had to weed, prune, replant and generally revive my once beautiful garden not to mention painting the shed and fence. The list goes on but I will not bore you with my woes.

Here are some little bits I have managed to create for Halloween.

Halloween Whimsical Cake 
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Halloween Cookies
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Halloween Biscuits and Cupcakes
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Halloween Jack-a-Lantern Cookie 
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Looking After Yourself Giveaway

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