Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Pugs, Jugs and Cufflinks

Mr Wilbur I have just one question how can someone so small produce so much poo?

Here in London in the UK we have had consistent drizzle with intermittent torrential downpours for, what seems like forever. Although, in reality it’s probably more like three weeks but, together with the shorter days it’s taking its toll on my pessimistic disposition. Instead of my glass being half empty, it’s now cracked and empty.

So I am being extra kind to myself with hot water bottles, candles and little treats of creams, potions and the odd minuscule cake.

 Today I am working on the launch of my Pug and Jug Cuff links inspired by my very own naughty Mr Wilbur. this is what I just found when I went to check on him.
It's a long and often frustrating process getting to the finished article. I have been experimenting with colours, painting techniques, and varnishes with a few disasters and the odd expletive. For example: twisting a stuck lid off a paint tube only to have paint sausage out at an alarming rate covering my hands; not to forget the obligatory item stuck to your fingers with superglue and of course the most frustrating of plagues dust.
Despite these inconveniences I have just managed to list 3 pairs on my Etsy shop Dollhousekitchen. I am continuing work on the Jug cuff links and  personalising of the cuflinks

Click for more information
Click for more information

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