Thursday, 26 September 2019

Why Life Interferes With Mini Making

Why is it that the world and his miss's always seems to get in the way of mini making? All I really ever want to do each day is throw myself wholeheartedly into mini making. However today firstly, I had to deal with the accountant. I am still responsible for a business set up by my ex partner, who I split from January 2016. When he left our 24 year relationship to marry his child bride of 22 years old. I am not bitter that at 50 years old he preferred her supple plump flesh to my aging saggy equivalent. I just wish he would stop bullshitting and stick to our Deed of Separation. So that we can finally be rid of each other.

Sorry I digress now back to business my next diversion. A trip to the post office and a slow walk and sniff along the canal with my little dog Mr Wilbur. He is the one obsessed with sniffing I just listen to my DAB personal radio. That is until he misbehaves and needs luring away with a tasty array of treats. They do not always work and on some occasions I am forced to chase the little devil while admonishing him to come.

The Master

Next emails to my Residents Association and neighbours updating the progress on reporting and monitoring the damage caused to our properties by a greedy construction company building 1400 housing units on a plot of land probably more suited to half the number. Talk about feeling overwhelmed, I am by nature a borne procrastinator. If it was not for the fact that a hairline crack in my hallway plaster has, morphed into a whooping great crack. I would still be debating whether it was in fact a problem or not. Rallying neighbours and speaking at meetings really is not me. To be honest at times I am not sure how I have all of a sudden been galvanized into action.


Then of course one has to eat. What a palaver that is, all I really want is cake. Bowl of delicious branflakes forced down and finally it is time for my addiction.

Photography, edit, list and promote. No making today then!

Halloween 2019     

Halloween Candy

Halloween Chocolates
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