Friday, 4 October 2019

Good Morning and welcome to my chilly, wet, world of indecision, forgetfulness and tears. Here in North London (UK) we have had nothing but rain for the last week. I have lost account of the times I went out in a light drizzle to return soaked by a torrential downpour. Mr Wilbur, my darling little Jug (Jack Russell\Pug cross) absolutely hates the rain and still has not forgiven me for his last drenching. Even after his warm shower he sat shivering on the sofa. So I wrapped him in his favourite blanket.

Mr Wilbur wrapped in his blanket
I booked tickets to see the film "Downton Abbey" for Sunday 29th Sept at 2.15pm for myself and my husband. Then promptly forgot until the said Sunday at 5pm. What concerned me the most was the fact they had cost £29.50. The last time I went to the cinema it only cost £5.50. As I am a lady of a "certain age" I put my forgetfulness down to the big M. At the grand old age of 51 years I am experiencing the best and the worst of what, it is like to be in the menopause. Sorry yet to experience the positive aspects but, how long have you got for the negatives.

Decided to go back on the HRT patches after the fiasco of poor Mr Wilbur experiencing the symptons of estrogen poisoning from my topical HRT gel. He lost his belly hair and his nipples swelled to the size of large grapes. What a shock that was!  I googled dog hair loss and HRT and there it was.  He was absorbing the estrogen from my arms. I did not realise that I should have covered my arms for up to one hour after application, to stop this from happening. I thought once the area was dry to touch all was ok.

So now I have one sad, cold and partially bald little dog and a very nervous partner who definitely does not want to develop large nipples and lose his most precious head of hair. 

But on a happier note I have found time to sculpt, photograph and post these little houses. Simply click on the caption for more information

Halloween Dollhouse Miniature
 Gingerbread House 12th Scale
Halloween Dollhouse Miniature
 Gingerbread House 12th Scale

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  1. Your gingerbread houses are adorable and so is your puppy! Mine HATES the rain too and over here in Western Canada, it has been coming down in the same way you've described.
    Glad that you discovered the root cause of Mr. Wilbur's problems before they got worse: menopause is No Fun for dogs and/or women.


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