Monday, 16 November 2009

It Just Keeps Raining

What better excuse for making minis I cannot go out its raining. Although my partner and I decided to drive into Central London to have a look in the Burlington Arcade - a beautiful covered arcade built circa 19th century- and then to walk along The Thames. Lets just say it poured with rain and our plans were curtailed. However we did treat ourselves to a small box of Laduree macaroons the pralines were a little taste of heaven. Above is a sample of what I have been upto. I just love the Full English Breakfast earrings although all I get in the morning in porridge. Yes I know its good for me but it has the consistency of wallpaper paste.


  1. I love the Burlington arcade!
    Lucky you to have the possibilities to visit whenever it does not rain =) I hope the weekend comes with dry weather tough!!!
    I agree about the porridge, but have you tried it with a bit of sugar and cinnamon? Tastes a lot better ; )


  2. When my sister and I walked through the Burlington Arcade in June, the recession had wiped out one of the shops - it looked very odd seeing an empty shop in such a smart arcade. I hope another shop has taken its place now.
    Shame about the rain, but at least it gave you the time and space to be creative.

  3. Synnove I was trying to cut down on the amount of sugar but now I am back to adding more.

    Dollmum the arcade didn't have any empty shops.