Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Too Many Cooks - No You Can Never Have Enough!

Today my 18 year old son returned with the ingredients to make his dinner to say I was surprised is an understatement. He went straight to his father for advice. I could hear them cooking away so, I offered some help. Both agreed they were happy to carry on and did not need any help. Well is that because they wanted me to relax and enjoy some peace or was it because the smoke alarm usually signals that dinners ready when I'm cooking? LOL

I hope they continue to cook so that I can have more time doing what I love. I have been really busy of late here's what I have been upto.


  1. All looks great and yummy!

  2. I love the box with the heart biscuits, everything is perfect.

  3. The charlotte is to die for. I wanted to give you the feedback but I did not manage to get back to the right page on Ebay... I'm very clumsy. It would have been a 5 stars for everything. Thank you very much Rosanna

  4. Thank you,
    Rosanna to leave feedback on Etsy go to your etsy then to feedback and then to feedback awaiting and the item should be there.
    Many thanks