Thursday, 17 December 2009

Mini Holiday

My Etsy shop will be shut from Saturday 19th December until 23rd December, opening again on Christmas Eve. So if you want to get that last minute item before Christmas be sure to visit before Saturday. I am accompanying my partner on a business trip to Dubai. We are leaving our 18 year old son at home alone........ Please let us a home to come home to.

Here are a few extra bits I have made. I know I said the Christmas feast was the last Christmas thing I was making. I just got a little carried away.


  1. As a mother or two sons (now well beyond teenage years) I had to laugh (with sympathy and understanding) at your 'home to come home to' comment :)

    As usual everything looks fabulous, normally I'd go straight for the sweets but with the time at 5.20 am presently I think I'll take the breakfast tray please - I do love toast and marmalade and cup of tea in the morning :)

  2. Enjoy Dubai...I am sure he will behave :)
    Everything looks SO good.... but the sweets; mmmmmmmm


  3. In the end I didn't go to Dubai as my partner only went today 21st and hopes to be back 23rd. So I thought it better I stay here especially when I returned home on Friday to find the house stinking of burnt food. My domesticated son had tried to warm the chicken pie I had left him and ended up grilling it because he did not know how to use the cooker.