Friday, 23 April 2010

Home Again Hooray, Hooray

Touched down at Gatwick UK yesterday at 12.30am exhausted but so glad to be home only 7 days late. The house is in chaos and would you believe it afterI had only managed to snatch 5 hours sleep my 18 year old son asked me if it were posssible, could I change his sheets today? Lets just say it is not one of my priorities LOL!
Hopefully I will have this place straight and be able to start making my beloved minis soon. Although, first I must get through the pile of dirty laundry (son and partner no laundry done for 2 weeks), shop as we are out of all basics and tidy up the garden, the grass is about a foot high and thank goodness, I arrived home not a drop of water given to my parched little plants.
I have obviously gone very wrong somewhere along the line. I should have returned to a spotless sanctuary of cleaniless and efficiency.
I should be so lucky!


  1. Welcome home Sarah!!!
    Sounds very familiar this situation with the "men" all by themselves at home ...I feel for you!!!!
    I am looking forward to se what treats you are coming up with as soon as you are finishing commending the "men" to clean up their mess!!!!
    The best of luck :D
    Synnøve :)

  2. Fortunately, you get home and regret that your house is not clean when you get

  3. Sounds a familiar men are not different.Do not overtire yourselve Rosanna

  4. You must be so relieved to be home, in spite of the mess. I do hope that you are not going to do all the work yourself!! I think 'delegation' is the key word!! But then again my knickname is "Dragon", and it is well earned, altho I only make fire in situations like these ;)

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