Thursday, 26 March 2009

Time is slipping Through my Fingers

Its the end of March already and I have hardly had time to post. I have been busy making exquisite Charlotte cakes, one of my personal favorites. This weekend I will concentrate on sliced Black Forest Gateaux. Oh dear my mouth is watering just imagining them, thank god they are 0 calories.

The cat is back in my room perched on the arm of my sofa. I think she realizes that if she ever invades my miniature space again times will be very very bad for her.......... I had to forgive her eventually, as she is my only ally in a house of two males. It is her that greets me when I wake, accompanies me to the bathroom, sits patiently while I dress and then sorrowfully says goodbye as I leave for work. Only to greet me again cheerfully when I return. She sits with me when I am ill and seems to continuly feel my moods so, really I could not be cross for long.

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