Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Raspberry Charlotte Cake Comfort Food

For the first time in over 17 years I am at home alone. My son is in South Africa doing charity work in a school and my partner is on a business trip to Qatar. Its only been 4 hours but I think I will make the next 72 hours okay lol.

Its just me and my cat and she doesn't have much to say although, a look says so much. I should be making minis but, with another 4 weeks of holiday to go I keep putting it off until tomorrow.

Here's something I made earlier and if I get really lonely I will go to the shop and buy a real sized cake to treat myself.


  1. Your cake is lovely but how do you make such pretty dollies?

  2. Thank you but, I do not make the doilies I buy them from Kerby lane miniatures based in the USA

  3. Hello Sarah,
    I love your cake,it looks wonderful!!
    I just called by to say that I have done a 'show & tell' post about the beautiful piece I bought from you a little while back, I have also included a 'link' to your blog...I used your photo (hope that's okay) as there is no way I could have improved on the image....thanks again Sarah!!
    Kindest Regards, Linda

  4. I love your cake. So lovely. Enjoy your solitude!


  5. Thats fine Linda and thank you Caroline. Do you know I actually enjoyed not being responsible for anyone else.