Sunday, 4 October 2009

Meaness or Madness

Thats me done, no more Halloween goodies. Yesterday I finished a batch of skeleton gingerbread men in various scales and can honestly say that if I never see one again it will be to soon LOL.

Here in the UK London we are having a very mild Autumn so I am determined not to switch the central heating on until I absolutely need to. Luckily my partner is away as he would have switched it on ages ago. Often in the Winter I return home to find him and our son dressed in shorts and T-shirts with the heating on full blast. I think they believe they live in the Caribbean. When I suggest an extra layer of clothing you'd think I had suggested tracking to the North Pole by their reactions. I like a warm but not suffocatingly hot atmosphere. Enough of this nonsense this is what I have been upto.
Now I am not sure about that tray maybe its a little too rustic?


  1. I don´t think the tray is too rustic.. goes well with egg and bacon!!!
    And I agree with you on the indoor heating; better to put on an extra sweater and turn down the heat.... for the environment sake also!!!
    Will you be attending or visiting the Kensington Dollhouse Festival´s christmas fair this year?

  2. That lovely English breakfast is a treat for the dolls - it looks so like the real thing.

    I know exactly what you mean about the heating - I have the same problem with my husband and the central heating thermostat! Out of London it is cooler though, and was very windy yesterday - red, brown, yellow and fading green leaves everywhere!

  3. Hopefully I will be visiting the fair as a customer but not as a trader.

    I had to put the heating on low yesterday for a few hours as it was chilly - 4th Octobers not bad though as the first day of heating.

    Thanks for your kind comments about my work.