Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Danger in the Real World

Yesterday I returned to my old job as a volunteer to go on a trip with the children, it was great but it also reminded me of why I gave up in the first place. By the end of the day I was exhausted. Ah yeah and I nearly got knocked down by a mop head in central London while trying to stop the traffic to allow 20 children to cross.

Today luckily I am back to the relatively safe domain of dollshouse miniatures. Yes I know but a few burns from the oven, the odd nick from the scalpel and glueing one's fingers together or to another item with super glue is nothing compared to the dangers of safe guarding children on the underground and walking in central London.

I have been really busy preparing for a mini Christmas. As yet most items have not been put into displays and photographed.


  1. Children are lovely...but 20 of them? N0 thanks...I prefer superglue =) Your Christmas food from your last posts get´s me in a real Christmas mood!!

  2. What a nightmare to have responsability for 20 kids in central London! I also prefer superglue and mini-cuts! Your turkey looks very delisious and amazingly real... even the texture in the cut!

  3. There were 3 other adults so at least I was responsible for only 6 children. Now I am eating satsumas so I am really in the Christmas mood.