Monday, 1 February 2010

Cat Burglar on the Prowl

After chatting to my neighbour the mystery of how my lazy cat is getting so fat has been solved. The sneaky devil has been going through my neighbours catflap and eating all my neighbours cat's food as wellas eating her own dinner. I felt so embarrassed. I hoping that soon she will be too heavy to get over the fence. Here's a picture of the beast.

Today I made a Tower of Truffles the only chocolates I am allowed after I managed to gain 1kg this month while, trying to lose the weight I put on over Christmas. It would seem that both owner and cat could be described as greedy LOL.


  1. He looks so hysterically funny lying like that....what A GREAT cat!! In many ways lol....quite clever too I must say.
    Sadly enough; sitting still, making your wonderful miniatures wont make you loose any weight... try chasing your cat
    Ordered a valentine chocolate box for my french lady...she´s probably the only one getting any in this house!!!

  2. Sarah, we have two black cats who look just like yours (smaller, though, because they are inside cats LOL) They are brother and sister. Tiger (the male) has to be locked in the bathroom to eat otherwise his sister Midnight would starve since he would eat her dinner, too.

  3. Midnight is a lovely name. Oh cats can be so greedy.