Saturday, 3 April 2010

Caveman and Technology Strikes Again

After I upgraded by blog I could not work out how to upload new pictures so, I have reverted to the old format of blog. Afterall I had not worked out how to use any of the new settings.

Today I surpassed myself I decided to sharpen my dress making scissors as I was altering a dress for my holiday. Don't ask me what happened I just managed to completely blunt the scissors with the new knife sharpening gadget I had bought. Not to be out witted I then tried to sharpen the said scissors with a knife that I had already sharpened- not one of my good ideas. I now have a deep cut on my thumb and blunt scissors. At least I still managed to alter my dress.

On Tuesday I will have to take the blunt scissors to the professional sharpeners and see if they can work their magic. Before the tradegy I made the above.

For all of you that celebrate Easter - Happy Easter - but do not eat too many eggs I had to retire early to bed on Friday feeling a little unwell after over indulging.


  1. How cute your duck cupcakes are adorable!! And the plate with easter theme is beautiful, did you paint it yourself?

    Ouch thumb almost hurts when I hear about yours, crafting can be a bit dangerous sometimes!

  2. Hanna thank you, the picture is a decal I only painted the dots