Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Giant Cat on the Rampage

My usually docile furry friend caused havoc today as she suddenly launched herself onto my shelf of miniatures. One minute she was lazing in the sun on the arm of my sofa then, to my utter horror I heard a thud and a crash at this point I jumped up from sculpting only to see the huge ephalump perched in the middle of my treasures. I froze what to do? I wanted to scream the house down but, that would only frighten her causing more damage. So I walked slowly, very slowly towards her not letting her know I was at all cross (so she would not move) then, I snatched her off the shelf and eased her through the door all the while shouting and trying not to step on anything that had fallen. Lets just say that today we are not the best of friends and she will not be allowed in my work room for a while.

On the bright side minimum damage for done however, I am still reeling from the imaginery damage I saw in my mind's eye.

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