Saturday, 18 July 2009

Schools Out

Thank goodness school has finally finished. No more precariously balancing on bookcases and ladders trying to reach that last staple and wondering how you got the display up there in the first place. All the while 25 little angels are either: bickering about who is helping you by holding the ladder and sorting the work into piles; taking the opportunity to misbehave; watching the video or talking at the tops of their voices. At one point I imagined tomorrows headlines "Pupils Hurt as Teachering Assistant Topples From Ladder".

Thankfully the classroom is empty, the pupils have gone home safe and I have not lost my mind. Another successful year completed!

I have made some chocolates for all the mini teachers out there to enjoy now that Schools Out.


  1. I have been watching your blog for a period of time. I like the style of your mini food. The chocolate is exquisite. How patient and skillful you are.

  2. Thank you I just cannot get into watching TV