Friday, 30 October 2009

Adjusting to a Mini Life

Its been really odd this week realizing that I can make minis everyday now if I so choose. Now I am trying to achieve some sort of routine so, that I get regular exercise and my daily dose of sunshine. I do not want to turn into a mini hermit who only ventures out on public holidays LOL. This is what I have been upto.


  1. Darling cookie boxes! I know exactly what you mean by turning into a mini hermit. If I don't get dressesd first off, I find the time has flown and I'm still in my PJ's at noon.

  2. When I see these lovely miniatures of yours I think your time is spent very wisely!!! I love to read your posts too, you describe life in a funny way... even when having a bad day!

  3. Tabitha there's always one little thing more to do before going to get dressed. I will have to try getting dressed first.

    Synnove thank you.

  4. Being a mini hermit can be fun....but sunshine is needed!!

    Love your goodies--so yummy looking.

    Julie Old Crow