Saturday, 7 November 2009

Ready for Winter

I have just moved my work table away from the French doors which lead into the garden as, the draft is too much to bear. My table is now right infront of the radiator. Thats as near as I get to hibernating. I can just about ranch out and put my feet on the radiator - shear Heaven. Although it is my fingers that really get cold while I am sculpting I have tried gloves but to no avail (only joking). Unfortunately I can no longer stare into the garden in a dream like state for hours so, hopefully I should get some work done.

Enough of my rambling here's what I have been working on.


  1. Good evening, the biscuits box has arrived safe and sound and so quickly !! it's lvely, better than in pic and I love it. Thank you very much Rosanna

  2. Now these pictures really do make Christmas feel very near - they are lovely.