Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Obviously Had Too Much Time On My Hands

My pasta machine has been making a funny noise now for awhile but, otherwise working OK. So the other day I decided to take it apart and "fix" it. Well after about an hour and a few expletives later it was back together. Well not completely I couldn't work out where two pieces went. But I thought it would be OK. It was not! Another 1/2 hour of huffing and puffing and finally it was back together again. I was filthy, cross and feed up and it still made that funny noise. I seriously wish I had left well alone.
Once it was back together I was able to continue with making the above.


  1. Lovely miniatures you have made! Love the macaroons and the messy cake board, and those cupcakes are wonderful with their tiny swirls and beautiful colors!!

  2. Oh Sarah these are gorgeous! I am so impressed with your work. I am having a go at mini baking myself, but am in the ha'penny place compared to you!!! Those cupcakes are making me so hungry. Hugs, Carol x

  3. Ha valido la pena todo el trabajo que has tenido!!!
    Te ha salido todo de maravilla!!
    Me encanta!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. The etagere with those delicious cupcakes looks SO NICE!!!!
    Everything looks wonderful!!!
    Synnøve x
    PS: will you be at the Kensington fair next weekend?