Monday, 19 October 2009

Trick or Treat

Today I put the finishing touches to A Tray of Autumnal Treats and made 8 Dundee cakes ready for Christmas. My 18 year old son has a chest infection and has reverted to 5 years old. So I have been running around after him, taking his temperature, spooning him medicine and generally keeping him company. He begged me to watch a film with him and then promptly fell asleep. I have to go he's calling me to warm him some soup. I am not moaning -I love it really - its the only time I get to spend with him these days. As hes always got something better to do than sit with his mum.


  1. The tray load of autumn treats looks really good, I bet your son wishes it was full size for him to eat! Hope your son gets better soon - funny how illness always makes them want mum again!

  2. Well wishes to you son! Mine has got a flue too and he needs cuddles. I shall not say that I'm sorry about it ;o))

  3. My son is on the mend but, I am getting fed up pandering to his every need. I just got through the door weighed down with bags and he wanted to know if I could warm him some soup. I had been at work all day. The thing is I will probably warm the soup.

  4. this is just fantastic! I wish I had it in real life too.

    Poor sonny--getting sick is bad for him, and then when he starts getting better, bad for the Mom!!

    Julie Old crow