Monday, 30 November 2009

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me,

I was invited to join a group and provide 16 facts about myself I thought I would share them.
1. I make 12th scale miniature dollshouse food from polymer clay

2. I have a beautiful, moody, black cat.

3. I like reading fantasy fiction and wish it was reality

4. I live in London in the UK5, I have been making miniatures for about 5 years and have just started making them full time.

6. I like swimming and walking.

7. I probably drink far too much green tea but only from a bone china mug.

8. I have an eighteen year old son with my life partner Julian

9. My favourite colour is burgundy

10. My favourite fabrics are velvets and silk

11. I do not like the rain but I love playing in the snow

12. I love Victorian and Medieval dresses

13. I prefer to be outside than inside as long as its not raining.

14. I prefer the countryside to towns.

15. I love big open fires.

16. My favourite things miniature to make are cakes.

Just a snip at what I have been upto when not thinking about me.