Thursday, 26 November 2009

Those Darn Pesky Cats

Don't get me wrong I love cats and I don't really mind that neighbours' cats come through our magnetic cat flat ( we all seem to have bought the same cat flap) and eat our cat's food but, when they mark the kitchen with their spray or pee - enough is enough. For the last three nights I have awoken to the vile smell so, last night I locked the cat flap so the culprit could get in but not out. This morning I found a very nervous black cat in my utility room I opened the back door and he scarpered. I don't think we will be seeing him for a while. The worst case was a stray was so bold he use to wander the house and onec sprayed in our bedroom while my partner was reading on the bed.

Now onto a fresher note here's what I have been upto: a jar of meringues, a jar of Champagne Chocolate truffles and two Charlotte cakes.


  1. Augh!! Cats can be pesky! Your foods look good though! :-) Can you ~~PLEASE~~ tell me how to make the meringues or where to find instructions? I have been searching and can't find help :-( Thnak you, Jonna

  2. Hi Jonna,
    To make meringues you need to buy an icing nozzle used in cake decoration 42c. then pipe a mixture of acrylic paste and cornflour coloured with acrylic paint. Also try
    the forums are a great sauce of information and they have weekly tutorials by very talented artisans.
    Hope that helps

  3. Thanks Sarah!Now I will have to find these things. I have found that some items have different names in the US. Like I am not familiar with "Acrylic paste"? Thank you SOOOO much for the help! Jonna :-)

  4. Its also called texture paste by cryla, its used by artists to add texture to 2D paintings its like a fine plaster,