Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Goodness where has the year gone? What with my mother on the verge of being diagnosed with Parkinson's Dementia, my going into the perimenopause (I never knew it was possible to be so cross and irrational) and the upheaval of my husband working abroad and only seeing him six times a year (some might say a blessing). I have not really had alot of time for mini making. That said I am back and trying to sort out my store. So here is a selection of what has emerged from the dollhouse kitchen. Click on caption for more information about each item.

12th scale dolls house Pumpkin

12th scale Autumnal Centre Piece

12th scale candles

12th scale Whimsical Cake

Halloween Cookies

Halloween Chocolate and Orange Cake

Halloween Display


  1. Love the pumpkin (especially lit up like that) and your gorgeous dark red candles. I am feeling like Halloween already!

  2. Has trabado mucho para Halloween y todo me encanta,en especial la calabaza con luz!!!

  3. Todas las miniaturas que hiciste son maravillosas!! Te mando mucho ánimo con tu madre y tu marido, un abrazo

  4. Thank you for your kind comments about my work and also thank you Mi Mundo de miiatura for your kind words about my mum and husband.

  5. So many major things in life, seem to happen in tidal waves. You sound like you are surviving the onslaught of events. Diving into miniatures can often make you feel sane again and give you a bit of fun in the process. Lovely to see your work and your work is Fabulous! :))


  6. Yes going back to mini making is giving me a little escapism which is very beneficial. Thank you.